Your coaching preparation is not an intake form.
Before the session you need to prepare so be ready at any time to share in your sessions the following:
  • Prepared to share your full name, location, cell phone with parent’s permission, email address, date of birth, age, names of siblings and their ages, and any activity or business that you are involved in.
  • Share your goals and the changes you wish to make in your life short-term and long-term. Are there any apparent things missing in order to achieve these goals? Your latest and greatest accomplishments are of great interest to me and should be to yourself. Please refresh your memory regarding these accomplishments.
At some time we will discuss the hardest things or the most challenging things you’ve overcome.
  • If it’s about your celebrities, I will let you see them in a different light. You can decide how liking any public figure has helped you change yourself.
  • You can also prepare by considering those who have coached you in other disciplines and the weaknesses and strengths of those relationships.
  • Your life’s story is dynamic as it can change daily or weekly or monthly, or whenever new experiences are synthesized into it.
  • Consider the changes that you can make and that only you can make. Contemplate taking responsibility in every situation and happening
  • Contemplate the following: who is important to you in your life and why; what are your favorite things to do; do you feel you are in a position to choose things in life; what are the possibilities for you?