Coaching Agreement Form

Clients and parents please note that this agreement can be generated by yourself in a Word document and forwarded or I can email an agreement to you for all to sign, date, and return

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Dates of the first eight sessions :

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Note : 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel

Disclaimer of liability : The client and their family retain my services for the purposes of supporting the client with respect to self-awareness, vision, goals, celebrating everything in life, establishing desires, and establishing goals and action plans. The client and their family understand and agree that the coach is not a financial analyst, therapist, psychotherapist, manager, consultant, or anything other than a life coach as defined in published content, non-published content and in philosophy, published or non-published as set forth by the coach, Marc Jordan. The coach shall be held harmless by the client, the client’s family, their agents and their heirs and guardian(s). The duration of the harmless clause is for the duration of the coaching sessions and beyond, forever, and including any planned or not planned coaching sessions that may be contracted. The spirit of this disclaimer of liability is to secure the position of being held harmless in any known or unknown capacity. The Coaching Agreement and Liability Disclaimer must be in the hands of the coach before the program can begin. Payment in full must be in the hands of the coach before the program can begin.