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life skills for kids

Q: Why should I enroll my child or teenager in Life Coaching?


One of the major reasons for providing life coaching for a youth is to learn emotional skills. In the last 20 years, emotional intelligence has become a bonafide point of learning and development research. For children to succeed now and to be prepared for a successful adult life they must go beyond traditional academic learning. That is largely established to be in the development of emotional intelligence. This can be developed through diverse life experiences and overcoming difficulties. After all, one of the finest achievements in life should be to become a global citizen and be culturally diverse. Emotional intelligence is a rewarding position to acquire and develop. The main ingredients of acquiring emotional intelligence are self-awareness, awareness of ones environment which includes other people, empathy to self and others, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, and emotional regulation. Personally, I am a huge proponent of awareness in general. With awareness, anything can be learned and changed.