About us

Since 1985, Marc Jordan dreamt of a career in life coaching. He started working on this ambition by helping aspiring Tennis players. In the process of backing up young talents, he realized that Life-coaching could be a significant way of helping people. He states that he continued studying tennis, and gained a permanent interest in the game and children.


Marc’s Experiences

For fulfilling his goal of helping people, Marc studied and graduated from St Edwards University in Austin, Texas in 1996, with a degree in Developmental Psychology, with a minor degree in Sports management.

During the years, he improved his skills through the teachings of Duane Egeberg, Keith Christman, Dr. Jim Loehr and George Basco. Like a sponge, Marc was able to absorb all that was taught to him.


Started Journey:

It was in 2012, when Marc finally took to learning the nuances of life coaching with the aim of getting emotional help to people who needed it. As a Tennis Coach with 25 years of experience, he believes in helping the young generation involved in all fields of participation and success. He is proud of his athleticism and the ability to communicate with anyone, be it adults, teenagers or children

Marc practically loves his work, and has reaped success in university studies, Tennis and business. But this does not mean that he is a workaholic. He believes in spending time with his family, along with getting to know his clients, their families and the problems they are facing. It is recommended that whoever is facing any kind of emotional problem should take Marc’s help. His assistance is what the clients need to improve every aspect of their lives. The young client’s families will also enjoy his ability to assist growth in their respective fields of learning, business, and play.

Good luck to all that make the decision to encounter Marc. He will help you change and grow harmoniously.